Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel Reunite to Cover Classic 'High School Musical' Song

The 31-year-old actress teams up with her co-star in the Disney movie to perform their popular duet 'What I've Been Looking For'.

AceShowbiz - "High School Musical" fans are up for a treat as Ashley Tisdale has reunited with her twin brother in the movie, Lucas Grabeel. The pair couldn't be more adorable as they channel their inner Sharpay and Ryan Evans while singing a rendition of their duet in the favorite Disney franchise, "What I've Been Looking For".

It's the first time they sing the song since 2007. Lucas shows off his clear voice as he plays a piano, while Ashley showcases her delicate vocal. Instead of making it fast and upbeat, they choose to make it more somber like Troy and Gabriella's version, because they want to make it "vibey." The reunion is a part of "Music Sessions" segment on Ashley's YouTube channel.

Besides singing the classic song, they share old stories about themselves on the movie set. Ashley shares that she used to hate her co-star. "All I remember is, we were not close. We were not good friends," she says, laughing. "It's been 10 years, we can totally talk about this. We hated each other."

"Yeah, we didn't get off on the best foot," Lucas admits. However, everything changed after they finished filming. "After we wrapped though, I've always had a love for you," Ashley says to Lucas. "I love you too," Lucas sweetly replies.

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