Portia de Rossi Jealous Over Ellen DeGeneres' Flirty Friendship With 'Sexy Movie Stars'

The 44-year-old actress reportedly believes that the famous host tries to make her feel insecure by flirting with other actresses.

AceShowbiz - %cEllen DeGeneres% and %cPortia de Rossi%'s marriage has been slapped with numerous split rumors. While the couple has neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, a new report emerges, suggesting that Portia's insecurity over Ellen's friendship with celebrities is the cause of the couple's marital problem.

A source reveals to Life & Style that Portia is jealous, especially when Ellen flirts with other actresses. "Portia is convinced that Ellen has so many friendships with sexy movie stars to get under her skin," the insider says. "She thinks Ellen does it on purpose to make her feel insecure so she doesn't leave."

It was previously reported that the couple was living separately in California because of jealousy. "Ellen can't deal when Portia gets attached to anyone else, man or woman," a source said. "But it works both ways. When Ellen kisses up to her famous friends… Portia becomes consumed with self-doubt," the source continued.

It's not the first time Ellen and Portia have been slapped with rumors about having marital problems. Recently, the couple, who has been married for nearly nine years, was said having an explosive fight over food after a party for Ellen's 20-year anniversary of coming out. An eyewitness said that their argument started over the "Arrested Development" star only ordering soup during dinner.

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