Niall Horan Releases Candid Lyric Video for 'Slow Hands'

Niall Horan Releases Candid Lyric Video for 'Slow Hands'

The 'This Town' hitmaker treats fans to his constantly smiling face in the three-minute clip as he shows his backstage life and the production of his music.
Niall Horan puts his whole heart on his upcoming debut solo album. We get to see this in a lyric video for "Slow Hands" he released on Monday, May 15. The One Direction star can't stop smiling in the behind-the-scene visuals as he takes us to his recording studio, backstage of a concert and even his car.

He looks incredibly happy in the clip. He even shows off his goofy side when he messes around on a drum kit and fools around with his team. The 23-year-old singer gives fans a peek into his backstage life as the clip finds Niall doing a sound check in front of an empty auditorium and chilling in a recording console.

The lyric video was released after Niall debuted new song called "On the Loose" at Channel 933's Summer Kick Off concert last weekend. The new song has similar tunes with "Slow Hands" and we can already assume how Niall's debut solo album would be. While "On the Loose" has similar vibes with Fleetwood Mac's music, Niall admitted that "Slow Hands" was inspired by the "heavy bass" and "funky guitar" of '80s tunes.

"I wanted it to be a little bit cheeky with the lyric," he previously said of "Slow Hands". "We wrote this concept about being in the bar. The first line of the song is 'We should take this back to my place' - usually that's what the guy would say, but we flipped it that the girl would say that, and that's what she said right to my face. With the song, before we even wrote the lyrics, we had this big track and it sounded quite sexy. So we thought that this concept would match the vibe of the song and I think we might have been right."

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