Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey Confront Each Other in 'The Dark Tower' First Footage

The footage is first screened at CinemaCon and features an intriguing duel between Idris Elba's The Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey's The Man in Black.

AceShowbiz - The movie adaptation of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" won't hit U.S. theaters until summer, but the first footage of the dark fantasy movie has been screened during Sony Pictures presentation at CinemaCon on Monday, March 27. The video offers a first look at the film, which is set in another dimension called Mid-World. Starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, the movie follows The Gunslinger (Elba) who attempts to reach the mythical Dark Tower to save dying Mid-World.

In the first part of the footage, the injured The Gunslinger/Roland points guns at random directions. He later hears the voice of McConaughey's The Man in Black, who says, "You're trying to save the world, but you can't even save yourself." When Gunslinger finally gets a sight at the villain, he says, "I don't kill with my gun; I kill with my heart." He fires at The Man in Black's back, but the latter catches the bullet and says, "The Tower will fall, Roland."

The footage later shows Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), a boy who eventually discovers a portal to Mid-World. He starts a journey to the dimension and ends up in a place which looks like desert. There, he meets The Gunslinger, whom he immediately recognizes as the hero he used to dream about. The Gunslinger then tells Jake about his relationship with The Man in Black, saying that as long as The Man in Black exists, "the Tower will fall and hell will follow."

The scene is followed by a glimpse of crazy actions done by The Gunslinger and The Man in Black. The trailer's ending features The Gunslinger's immense power, which enables him to shoot at someone from hundred of yards away simply by listening to his moves.

Nikolaj Arcel directs the movie and co-writes the screenplay along with Akiva Goldsman, Anders Thomas Jensen and Jeff Pinkner. "The Dark Tower" is set to hit U.S. theaters on July 28.

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