'This Is Us': Mandy Moore Shuts Down Crazy Fan Theory About Jack's Death

The NBC heart-wrenching drama actress addresses one craziest fan theory about her on-screen husband Jack's death, dubbing the fans 'bananas' and callIing the theory 'crazy.'

AceShowbiz - Mandy Moore talked about "This Is Us", which has got two-season renewal at NBC, in an interview with E! News. During the interview, Moore, who was joined by her "Tangled: The Series" co-star Zachary Levi, addressed one craziest fan theory regarding Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) death on the series.

E!News' Kristin Dos Santos asked the actress about the theory that her character, Rebecca, colluded with Miguel (Jon Huertas) and killed off Jack to be with Miguel. Moore was so quick to respond as she seemingly found the theory ridiculous. "No. Oh my God. No way. People are bananas," she said, before adding, "That is crazy." Later, Levi tried to make it clear by asking Moore if Miguel and Rebecca are those responsible for sinking the ship of the original couple which Moore confirmed.

The "Tangled" star also hinted at what to expect from the season finale. "Can you just give us three words of what to expect?" Santos asked. "Pain, grief," Moore said. However, she later added that the finale wouldn't be all gloomy as she continued, "I think the show is ultimately hopeful, and I feel like it leaves on that note as well, in the finale."

[SPOILER ALERT!] The penultimate episode ended with Jack trying to reconcile with Rebecca by driving in his car, drunk. Meanwhile, the present day Kate (Chrissy Metz) told Toby (Chris Sullivan) that she felt culpable for her dad's death. It leaves many fans to believe that teenager Kate is the one who convinces Jack to go after Rebecca which results in Jack's death.

"This Is Us" season one finale, titled "Moonshadow", will be a heavy Jack and Rebecca episode. Hopefully, the season one finale will shed a little more light on the mysterious death of Jack.

The finale will air on Tuesday, March 14 at 9 P.M. on NBC.

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