Anne Hathaway Shares First Pic of Adorable Son Jonathan

The actress celebrates her speech at UN for International Women's Day by posting the first picture of her baby boy.

AceShowbiz - Anne Hathaway posted the first photo of her baby boy Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman. "JRS watching Mommy give her speech at the UN yesterday #forourboys #forourgirls #forthefuture #loveislove #parentsareparents #paidparental #iwd #ppl @unwomen," she wrote in the caption.

During her speech at United Nations headquarters in New York City to celebrate International Women's Day, the actress previously said, "The assumption and common practice that women and girls look after the home and the family is a stubborn and very real stereotype that not only discriminates against women, but limits men's participation and connection within the family and society."

She continued, "Why do we continue to undervalue fathers and overburden mothers? Paid parental leave is not about taking days off work. It's about creating the freedom to define roles, to choose how to invest time and to establish new positive cycles of behavior."

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