Ciara Gets Criticized for Her Nude Pregnancy Photo

The 'I Bet' singer gets a lot of hateful comments, one which states that 'Ciara pic so disrespectful to Future.'
There's no doubt that Ciara is now living a happy life with her husband, Russell Wilson. However, it seems like people can't get over Ciara and Future's relationship, which ended over two and a half years ago.

The "I Bet" hitmaker recently took to Twitter to share a series of photos of her pregnant body. In one photo, the singer looked gorgeous as she could be seen posing topless while holding baby Future. Her husband, Russell, was seen hugging her from behind. "Just The 4 Of Us," Ciara wrote in a caption.

The photo then got a lot of comments from the haters, one of which said that "Ciara pic so disrespectful to Future." Another Twitter user wrote, "Baby Future is way too old to be naked in that photoshoot and Ciara acts like he really doesn't have his own father, it's so disrespectful."

However, the singer's fans defended her. One said, "Whats wrong with you all? Talkin about Ciara disrespectful to Future? She not posed to be happy?" while another user shared, "Ciara is a prime example of how you can go about it the right way & still get talked about ... society is so bitter."

One fan hilariously tweeted, "Ciara's family photo is weird to ppl who 1.) don't know how to define family. 2.) sexualize kids. 3.) assign women to exes. 4.) are weird."

Some fans also defended Ciara by pointing out the mistake that Future made when they were still together. "We talking about a man who intentionally skipped out on baby Future's birth to do a show. Left Ciara in the hospital alone. Foh," said a user, while another tweeted, "How come it wasn't a problem when Future had his other children around Ciara but it's a problem for her son to be around HER HUSBAND." A fan wrote, "Future has flat out said his kids ain't his main priority, yet y'all still find a way to be mad at Ciara & Russell."

Meanwhile, some others just want all of the drama to end. A user simply said, "Y'all been arguing over Ciara and Future since 2014," while another claimed, "I'm fairly certain Rap Twitter has argued more over Future and Ciara than Future and Ciara have."

Although she became the trending topic on the social platform, the singer didn't give any comment at all. She simply posted a black-and-white stunning image from her photoshoot.

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