Does 'The Walking Dead' Kill Its Major Character?

Does 'The Walking Dead' Kill Its Major Character?

'The Walking Dead' issue #165 sees the beginning of the doom of one of the major characters as the dangerous aftermath of 'The Whisperer War'.
"The Walking Dead" comic book fans might breathe a sigh of relief to learn that "The Whisperer War" was not as deadly as it was predicted to be. However, things go to the opposite direction in "The Walking Dead" issue #165 which was released on Wednesday, March 1. One of the major characters may meet her end tragically.

The issue proves that the aftermath of "The Whisperer War" brings a lot of danger for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Andrea, one of the major characters, rides off on her horse after rescuing Eugene from the ocean of the dead. Andrea is seen having a terrifying cut on her neck. Surprised, she swears, "Oh, s**t!"

Many believe that Andrea's scar is either a walker bite or a scratch by one of the walkers in the herd, even though the readers do not actually see a zombie taking a chunk out of her. Should a walker bite her, this certainly appears to be the end of Andrea since there is no way to come back alive from a zombie bite or scratch on the neck.

"I don't think Charlie [Adlard] and I have ever had a quicker reaction after reading a script than this one," Editor Sean Mackiewicz wrote in issue #165's Letter Hacks section. "That final image says all it needs to, so let's just get to these letters and recall sunnier days," he continued, adding confusion to what exactly happens to Andrea. He concluded, "[AMC hasn't] needed Andrew for over seasons, and look how well they're doing!"

Another alternative speculation is that "The Walking Dead" tries to lead the readers into believing that Andrea is doomed, while the scar is actually from a stray bullet which nips the edge of her neck. Either way, fans will find out the truth once the next issue of "The Walking Dead" hits shelves on April 5.

It remains to be seen how this major moment may affect the TV series, given the fact that Andrea (Laurie Holden) is long dead on the television series. It is assumed that if AMC makes this moment come true, Danai Gurira's Michonne will meet her end in the series. It is because Michonne appears to be taking Andrea's role for television, in terms of becoming skilled with a rifle as well as becoming Rick's main chick. However, Michonne's fate won't be solely based on the comics as the network does have a privilege of switching up a few characters' deaths.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sundays at 9 P.M. ET on AMC.

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