'Silicon Valley': Richard Is Quitting Pied Piper in First Season 4 Trailer

Richard thinks that he needs to build something else like a new internet, but Monica thinks Richard sounds like a crazy person.

AceShowbiz - HBO has released first trailer for the fourth season of "Silicon Valley". The nearly-one-minute video begins with Richard (%cThomas Middleditch%) making a dramatic announcement as he tells his peers that he's quitting Pied Piper because he wants to do something new.

"Guys, I'm quitting," says Richard calmly. Shocked, Bertram (%cMartin Starr%) replies, "Wait, what?" Richard then adds, "I'm going to have to insist that I keep the name Pied Piper and I won't budge on that." And it seems like the crew doesn't mind Richard's decision on taking the name.

"I needed to build something else," says Richard to Monica (%cAmanda Crew%) "We could build a new internet," he adds. Contrary to Richard's excitement, Monica responds, "You sound like a crazy person."

The trailer then jumps into a scene where Richard is going crazy as he keeps telliing Jared (%cZach Woods%), "Oh, my God. It's real." Jared, who looks confused at first, is seemingly joining Richard in his new journey. The two pals then scream together like a hyperactive child.

"Silicon Valley" follows a group of software engineers, programmers and entrepreneurs in the heart of California's technology-nurturing region known as Silicon Valley. The comedy series also stars %cT.J. Miller% as Erlich, %cJosh Brener% as Big Head and %cKumail Nanjiani% as Dinesh.

"Silicon Valley" season 4 premieres on Sunday, April 23 at 10 P.M. ET on HBO.

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