'The Vampire Diaries': Elena and Stefan Reunite in New Promo for Series Finale as Someone's Dying

Nina Dobrev's return is highlighted in the newly released teaser and a photo for the series finale as it's revealed that there will be a heartbreaking funeral in the last episode.

AceShowbiz - The CW teases %cNina Dobrev%'s return to "The Vampire Diaries" in a new preview for the series finale. Similar to the previously released promo, the latest video sees Dobrev's Elena at Mystic Falls high school as she asks, "What happened? Why am I here right now?" The new promo, however, reveals whom she's talking to, which is none other than her ex, Stefan (%cPaul Wesley%).

EW has also got its hand on photos from the series finale. In one picture, Elena is seen wearing a blue dress as she appears to be trying to calm down someone who is out of the frame. Another shot features the Salvatore brothers (Wesley and %cIan Somerhalder%). Bonnie (%cKaterina Graham%) and Caroline (%cCandice Accola%) are featured in another image, and there's also a behind-the-scenes photo showing showrunner Julie Plec and Matt Davis, who plays Alaric, on the set.

Besides Dobrev, %cSteven R. McQueen% and %cChris Wood% are set to return and reprise their roles as Jeremy and Kai respectively. "Kai's back on Earth through some sort of loophole that happened when they rang hell's bell - but he's not as fully alive as he might seem," Wood explains his character's return.

He goes on sharing, "He arrives in Mystic Falls fresh out of hell, so he's still a little bit on fire, and he decides to order some food. As he's eating it, he realizes he can't taste anything, which is when he realizes he's not actually alive and there, that there's a force pulling him back to hell. It's something the episode will explain, but it's not as cut and dry as it seems."

Asked whether there will be a Bonnie-Kai reunion, Wood says, "Bonnie wants nothing to do with Kai, she doesn't want to see him. When she's alerted of his presence, her response is that of wanting to create as much distance as possible between them - and for very good reasons. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed and hope we get some magic."

Despite the return of some familiar faces, the series finale will also be a farewell to one character. EW reveals that in one scene, Elena is crying in the Mystic Falls cemetery surrounded by everyone she loves, but one person is missing.

"We wanted to go big, emotionally, with the action, and with the spectacular of it," Plec, who co-wrote the final episode with co-creator Kevin Williamson, teases the series finale which will feature a funeral. "We were absolutely feeling epic."

"The Vampire Diaries" series finale is set to air Friday, March 10 on The CW.

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