Michelle Rodriguez Is a Transgender in 'The Assignment' Trailer

The movie was premiered at Toronto International Film Festival last year and received mixed reviews, particularly from transgender community.

AceShowbiz - The first trailer of "The Assignment" is out. Starring Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver, the movie follows the story of an assassin who is captured by a rogue surgeon, who later turns him into a woman. Currently known as a hitwoman, the assassin plans a revenge.

The trailer begins with a surgery performed by Dr. Rachel Kay (portrayed by Weaver) on the hitman, whose name is Frank Kitchen. He wakes up to find himself becoming a transgender (portrayed by Rodriguez). Enraged, the hitman, now a hitwoman named Tomboy, screams and breaks everything around her. The trailer later offers a glimpse of her revenge.

"The Assignment" was premiered at Toronto International Film Festival to mixed reviews. It was reported that transgender community didn't really approve its portrayal of transgender. Director Walter Hill, who produced "Alien" films in which Weaver was featured, responded to the reactions.

"I wouldn't make a movie that hurt transgender people," Hill said. "Some of them have had a tough time of it, and the last thing I want to do is make anyone's road harder. But look, I understand the concern. Is it lurid? Yes. Is it lowbrow? Well, maybe. Is it offensive? No. I'm just trying to honor the B movies that we grew up with."

There's still no release date for "The Assignment", but it is scheduled to hit U.S. theaters this year.

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