Camila Cabello Registers 'Bad Things' Solo Version

The 19-year-old singer is gearing up for her solo debut following her departure from Fifth Harmony.

AceShowbiz - %cCamilla Cabello% is ready to debut as a solo artist this year following her departure from %cFifth Harmony%. The 19-year-old singer reportedly has registered a solo version of her latest collaboration with %cMachine Gun Kelly%, "Bad Things".

According to, Camila registered "Bad Things" solo version on music publishing website ASCAP. The revelation comes a week after %cCharli XCX% asked for "a version of bad things with just camila cabello".

Charli tweeted on December 26, "Dying for a version of bad things with just camila cabello. that chorus is so. fucking. wild. can she not just do the whole song plz???"

Perhaps Camila wants to include "Bad Things" on her upcoming solo debut album.

"Next year I will be working on my own music and giving you a big chunk of my heart," she previously told fans in a note explaining her departure from 5H. "Now I gotta walk the walk. I have always encouraged you to be fearless, to live your life in the name of love and to do what makes you scary as it is to take the leap, I am excited and full of joy because I know that no matter what happens, I am following my heart. I hope to see you on my journey."

On December 31, Camila thanked 2016 for "the lessons."

"2016, thank you for the moments, the lessons, the hurt, the healing, the growth, the combined magic of all of you," she posted, "2017, you are a blank canvas and i wanna paint on u with my brightest, favorite colors.... lets go."

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