'Scream Queens' Season 2 Ends With a Surprise Return

The remaining survivors seem to have a happy ending until the least expected villain makes a return at the end of the season finale.

AceShowbiz - "Scream Queens" season 2 almost ended with a bang. In the Tuesday (December 20) finale, [SPOILER ALERT!] Nurse Hoffel (%cKirstie Alley%) planned to blow up the C.U.R.E. Institute with every last employee and patient inside it.

Meanwhile, Hester (%cLea Michele%) tried to convince Brock (%cJohn Stamos%) to propose to Dean Munsch (%cJamie Lee Curtis%), who was believed to be dying from an incurable disease called Kuru, in order to secure his position as the hospital's new trustee and inherit her fortunes after her death. Turns out Munsch didn't have Kuru, but suffered from extreme dehydration.

Cassidy (%cTaylor Lautner%) pissed his mother when he refused to follow her order to murder people again. She and Zayday (%cKeke Palmer%) showed up and Hoffel killed her. Denise Hemphill (%cNiecy Nash%) survived after her stay in the cryo chamber and thanks to her love for "Quantico", she managed to diffuse the bomb.

They chased Hoffel through the woods. She almost killed Chanel No. 3 (%cBillie Lourd%) with a machete, but Cassidy jumped in to save her and lost his own life in the process. Hoffel was eventually sucked into a swamp. Munsch tried to pull Hoffel out, but failed.

With the killers dead, the show revealed where everyone is today. Chanel No. 5 (%cAbigail Breslin%) and Zayday are now running the hospital. Munsch moved to Aspen where she became a famous sex therapist. Brock and Hester ran away with Munsch's money to Blood Island where they're hunting tourists and Chanel is now hosting "Lovin' the C" with Chanel No. 3 as her EP.

Everyone seemed to have a happy ending until Chanel got into her car after filming an episode of her show. She noticed a Kappa pin on her passenger seat and the Red Devil showed up in the backseat.

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