Jackie Evancho Faces Online Backlash for Agreeing to Perform at Donald Trump's Inauguration

The 16-year-old opera singer and her family became the target of Twitter bullying by Trump's haters following the announcement that she would perform at the presidential inauguration.

AceShowbiz - Following the announcement that %cJackie Evancho% will be singing the national anthem at %cDonald Trump%'s inauguration next month, the "America's Got Talent" alum receives online backlash from Trump's haters. Despite the announcement being politically neutral, numerous people slammed the teenager for supporting the controversial President-elect.

"@jackieevancho Thanks a lot for supporting fascist trump! Hope your career goes down in flames!" one Twitter user wrote, while another tweeted, "@jackieevancho no record label will touch u now,cos u r tainted by trump,this is all anyone will ever know u 4 now, not your squeaky singing."

It turned out that her transgender sister, Juliet, was also the target of cyberbullying. One user tweeted, "What are you thinking? You are going to sing at the inauguration and your sister is transgender? Think of your family first!" while another wrote, "It's strange she'd perform 4 someone whose entire team is anti-LGBT & her sister is transgender! That's all."

Juliet revealed that she was transgender at the Global Lyme Alliance's gala in New York last year. She also penned an essay to Teen Vogue, describing her struggles with gender identity. Juliet wrote, "Now, I not only worried about what my family thought of me, but I also worried about some trashy magazine trying to make a spectacle out of me if they found out, and it hurting my family."

Jackie explained the online backlash her family received to PEOPLE. "My family is kind of a big target. I have a transgender sister and so a lot of hate goes towards us," she said. However, she and her family did their best to ignore the negative comments as she said, "I also get a lot of love. So, we pay most attention to that. Sometimes we get really annoyed with the hate, everyone does, we have to admit it but we just ignore it."

Meanwhile, Jackie is no stranger to performing for a president. She previously performed twice for President Barack Obama. First, she sang "O Holy Night" at the National Christmas Tree Lighting in 2010 and again performed for him at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2012.

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