Christina Aguilera Infuriates Her Employees With Diva Demands - Is It True?

The singer reportedly 'treats her household staff terribly' and 'expects everyone on her payroll to put their own lives second to hers.'

AceShowbiz - Christina Aguilera is a diva onstage and at home, according to a new OK! report. Dubbed a "boss from hell" by the tabloid, the singer is said to be "incredibly rude and demanding" toward people she's employing.

"[Aguilera] treats her household staff terribly. She's incredibly rude and demanding, and she insists they be on call 24/7," an insider told the publication. "She has no problem waking up a nanny or maid for the most menial tasks. She's even called a staffer from the other end of the house to get something like a towel that was mere feet away from her."

The source also claimed that Aguilera "expects everyone on her payroll to put their own lives second to hers" but she's "so out of touch she barely remembers their names." Her husband Matt Ruttler is reportedly not happy with the "Change" songbird's diva demands and now "does his best to make up for her behavior."

The claims sure made Aguilera look like a horrible star, but she's fortunately not. Responding to the OK! story, Gossip Cop contacted a more reliable insider who said the report was simply "not true." The site's told that the 35-year-old beauty never badly treats her employees.

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