Justin Bieber Blows Snots on Concertgoers After Telling Fans They 'Suck'

The singer was seen sneezing and accidentally blowing snots in front of fans attending his concert in Finland just days after he's caught on camera telling Beliebers in Norway that they 'suck.'

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber gave some Beliebers an unwanted present when he was taking the stage in Finland recently. The Canadian singer was seen accidentally blowing snots on some concertgoers in the front row as he sneezed in the middle of his show.

As seen in a video taken and shared online by another fan in the crowd, the incident happened when Bieber was performing "What Do You Mean?". He continued singing the track after sneezing, and there's still no word on who got the 22-year-old heartthrob's DNA sample sprayed all over them or how they felt about it.

Bieber has been traveling Europe for his ongoing "Purpose World Tour". Before visiting Finland, he made a stop in Norway over the weekend and infuriated some fans there after he told them they "suck."

In a video emerging via Twitter, the Biebs was seen walking alongside his entourage in front of some Beliebers who excitedly greeted him. He chose to keep walking and for an unknown reason told them, "You guys suck."

Bieber is no stranger to disappointing his Beliebers. Shortly after kicking off his tour, he canceled all meet and greets and said he no longer wanted to take pictures with fans. Last month, he angered them again when he decided to delete his Instagram account after some people made mean comments about his then-girlfriend Sofia Richie.

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