Donald Trump Wanted to Pit Blacks Vs. Whites on 'The Apprentice'

The Republican presidential candidate was not happy with the fourth season of the reality show and wanted to make a breakthrough.

AceShowbiz - Donald Trump once proposed an idea of having a season of "The Apprentice" that pits the race. The Republican party's presidential nominee once thought of having a team of "successful African American versus a team of successful whites."

The reality competition show's host let the producers know of "an idea that is fairly controversial" in July 2005 before the filming of the fifth season. He was fairly unhappy with the fourth season and wanted to break the walls. Trump made the comments on his short-lived syndicated radio show, Trumped!, and Buzzfeed News made it resurface on Thursday.

"Whether people like that idea or not, it is somewhat reflective of our very vicious world," he said at that time, adding, "Not everybody thinks it's a good idea." The idea never came into fruition.

"Best case scenario, it was a huge blind spot. Worst case scenario, it showed [Trump's] willingness to exploit race and be divisive - to do anything to promote himself," season 3 competitor Tara Dowdell told BuzzFeed on Thursday. "The presidency can't be one crazy, ill-advised publicity stunt after another. He has the audacity to say he's a uniter when he proposed 'Apprentice: The Race War'?"

Trump had made himself the target of racial hates after launching his presidential campaign by calling the Mexicans "rapist" and labeling them criminals. He also proposed on banning the Muslims to enter the country and favored white supremacists including members of Ku Klux Klan.

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