Ryan Reynolds Makes Meta-Appearance in 'Deadpool' Honest Trailer

The actor appears as the foul-mouthed superhero sitting on a pool table and debunking almost everything that the narrator says about the film.

AceShowbiz - ScreenJunkies' Honest Trailer is finally reaching out to Hollywood in the fake trailer of "Deadpool". %cRyan Reynolds% himself appears in the web series as the foul-mouthed superhero, weighing on how the movie should be parodied.

The video begins by describing Deadpool as the R-rated film "you had to be 17 to see, but 16 to fully appreciate". Then it lays out its long-gestating process, how it finally got made, and the impressive statistic it pulled over other superhero films. Reynolds' Deadpool shows up when it comes to who to thank for all those achievements.

The trailer points out some of the film's flaws including how it would end in just 20 minutes if Wade had the courage to talk to Vanessa. The narrator also says that the movie had "by-the-numbers revenge plot we've seen a million times before." Deadpool begs to differ. "Whoa there, simmer down big boy. 'By-the-numbers?' What the f**k is that supposed to mean?" he says.

Andy Signore, Defy's svp of content and creator of ScreenJunkies, told AdWeek that it was always their goal to get a celebrity to appear in the videos since its establishment in 2012. "And then Deadpool came around," Signore said, adding, "They're doing gags that we do. How do we try and one-up them?"

Regarding working with Reynolds, Signore recalled, "He was very involved. Ryan does a really funny epic voice himself. He's doing Deadpool doing his epic voice."

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