'Once Upon a Time' Recap: One Hero Pays the Ultimate Price in Fight Against Hades

As teased in a previously released promo for the latest episode, one of our beloved heroes dies but another character is back from the dead.

AceShowbiz - "Once Upon a Time" just killed off another beloved character. While a promo for "Last Rites" made fans believe that Emma was mourning the death of Hook, [SPOILER ALERT!] it was Robin who paid the ultimate price in their fight against Hades.

The May 8 episode began as Hades was back in the real world. He planned to restore the Olympian Crystal and use it to end Regina. He still deceived Zelena into helping his plan, convincing her that he would build a kingdom for him and her to rule. Emma, Regina, Henry, Robin and Charming also returned to Storybrooke and reunited with Snow and the rest of the gang.

Meanwhile in the Underworld, Hook met King Arthur who had willingly become Hades' minion, but Hades later killed him. Hook offered Arthur a deal and Arthur accepted it. With the help of Arthur, Hook found out that the same Olympian Crystal could defeat Hades. He then relayed the information to Emma by restoring the missing storybook pages.

Before they found out how to defeat Hades, Robin and Regina already raced to save Robin's daughter and they professed their love to each other on the way to the Town Hall. Once Regina and Robin were inside, Hades found them and was going to use the crystal to end Regina, but Robin jumped in front of her and sacrificed himself to protect his love.

Zelena picked up the dropped crystal. Hades asked her to use it to end Regina, but Zelena realized that Hades had not changed and wouldn't change. So she chose her sister over her lover, and killed Hades instead.

At a funeral service for Robin, Emma wanted to say goodbye to Robin alone. Then Hook showed up. Zeus gave him a second chance for helping defeat Hades, while Arthur decided to stay to restore the Underworld.

Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis recently teased how Robin's death would affect Regina. Kitsis said, "Regina finds herself, once again, feeling like the Evil Queen is something she can never break free off. There's a karmic debt that she still hasn't repaid." Horowitz, meanwhile, hinted that the latest death could divide the Charming-Mills families.

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