Faith Hill and Tim McGraw to Adopt Baby Boy on 20th Wedding Anniversary?

According to new report, Tim, who is a father to a three daughters Gracie, 18, Maggie, 17, and Audrey, 14, has always been dreaming of having a son.

AceShowbiz - Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are going to adopt a baby boy. According to Radar Online, the couple, who are parents to three daughters Gracie, 18, Maggie, 17, and Audrey, 14, plans to mark their 20th wedding anniversary this fall by adding a new member to their family.

A close pal tells the site that the process has been in the works for weeks. "[Faith and Tim] figure it's now or never," the source explains, "They aren't getting any younger." According to the source, Tim has always been dreaming of having a son.

"Tim's always felt outnumbered... Between Faith and the girls, and Tim's mom, who has a house on their estate, he's always surrounded by women!" says the source. "It's the perfect time. They have plenty of money and just as much love!"

Representative for the couple hasn't make any comments on the adopting rumor.

Faith and Tim were recently hit with divorce rumors. Star Magazine reported, "After almost 20 years of marriage, friends say Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are living separate lives. Will their trust and control issues finally drive them apart for good?"

The pair reportedly will "call it quits before their 20-year anniversary in October." An insider claimed, "Tim and Faith have had their ups and downs, but it's never been this bad before. No one in their inner circle would be surprised if this was the year they ended things altogether. At this point, it's just a matter of who would file for divorce first."

The divorce report, however, were quickly debunked by Faith and Tim's reps. A first rep told Gossip Cop that the Star story was "truly full of lies." A second spokesperson added, "On behalf of Faith and Tim, this story is completely false."

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