Kanye West Will Release 'T.L.O.P.' Everywhere on Friday, Updates a Bunch of Its Tracks

The rapper makes some changes to 12 songs including 'Ultra Light Beam' and 'Highlights' before making their parent album available on Apple Music and other platforms.

AceShowbiz - Remember that one time Kanye West declared that he would never ever sell "The Life of Pablo" and that the album would always be a Tidal exclusive? He did say that a few weeks ago, but two of its tracks titled "Famous" and "I Love Kanye" are currently streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and Rhapsody, and the entire project may follow next, according to Mashable.

The site reports that the album will be made available on the aforementioned services as well as on Google Play this Friday, March 31. It's still unclear if "T.L.O.P." will also arrive on the just-launched Soundcloud Go on the same day, though it won't be a huge surprise if it does.

"Pablo" has been a Tidal exclusive ever since it hit the Jay-Z-owned streaming service in February. The company claimed that its 30 million subscribers streamed the album about 250 million times in only 10 days.

Calling it a "living breathing changing creative expression," Kanye still makes some changes to the record. Most recently, he updated 12 songs including "Ultra Light Beam", the first and second part of "Father Stretch My Hands", "Highlights", "Waves" and "FML".

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