'The Walking Dead' 6.15 Sneak Peeks: After Latest Casualty, Someone's Missing

When someone goes missing, Daryl goes out on search alone and the rest in Alexandria are on standby for a fight.

AceShowbiz - There's no peaceful life on "The Walking Dead". While still living under the threat of the Saviors' possible retaliation, Rick and his group lost a member of their community in the latest episode, and next week another person is missing.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, Rick gets alerted about the person's disappearance. Wasting no time, Daryl rides his bike out of Alexandria to find the missing person. Without much preparation and back-up, Glenn thinks Daryl is going to get himself killed.

Refusing to risk more lives, Rick orders the rest to stay inside Alexandria and get ready for a fight. Carl, possibly still not getting over his recent life-threatening injury, is staring at a gun.

"East" airs Sunday, March 27 at 9/8c on AMC. According to the synopsis, "when someone goes missing in Alexandria, the community goes on alert, and search parties venture out."

[SPOILER ALERT!] Meanwhile, in "Twice as Far" that aired March 20, the group lost its doctor Denise when she, Daryl and Rosita went out in search of supplies and medicine. After killing walker for the first time, the returning Dwight (Austin Amelio) who stole Daryl's crossbow earlier this season put an arrow through Denise's eye. As Dwight revealed, the arrow was meant for Daryl.

Eugene, who ventured out in another group with Abraham, was kidnaped by Dwight and the Saviors, but he stepped out to be a hero he had never been before when he managed to distract the Saviors and bit Dwight in the privates, allowing Abraham, Daryl and Rosita to open fire.

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