Find Out How Fan-Funded 'Star Trek' Films Infringe Paramount's Copyrights

Paramount Pictures and CBS said in their amended lawsuit that 'Axanar' and its prelude copied Klingon, the gold shirt and the characters among others.

AceShowbiz - Paramount Pictures and CBS continue to pursue the legal action against the crowd-funded "Star Trek" films. The companies gave out several points to prove that "Axanar" and its prequel "Prelude to Axanar", which were claimed to be "a fully professional independent Star Trek film," are infringing their copyrights.

In December last year, Paramount and CBS planned to file a lawsuit against the "Axanar" producers, seeking up to $150,000 for every copyrighted "Star Trek" element present in the films. "Axanar" is set in year 2245 before Captain James T. Kirk takes the lead. Alec Peters of Axanar Productions, who leads the production team, promised fans that it "will be the quality of Star Trek that all fans want to see."

The defendants asked the companies to specify which elements they were referring to, and they did. The complaint, released on Friday, March 11 and obtained by THR, listed the characters, the costume and the language among others. In particular, the appearance of Vulcans looking like Spock in the '60s TV series, the gold shirt worn by the Starfleet officers and the Klingon language.

The amended lawsuit can be read in full here.

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