50 Cent to Bankruptcy Judge: Stacks of Cash on Instagram Photos Were Fake

In his court filing, the 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' hitmaker denies any claims that he hid his assets and lied about his financial troubles.

AceShowbiz - 50 Cent filed documents in bankruptcy court to explain piles of money on his Instagram photos. The rapper insisted that he didn't lie about his financial woes nor did he hide any assets. He claimed the prop money shown on his social media was just a ruse to maintain his brand.

"Hip-hop culture is widely recognized as aspirational in nature. The standard by which artists and fans engage is commonly tied to money, jewelry, products and advertising over social media," he said. "As a hip-hop artist and entertainer, it is imperative that I continue to project aspirational goals of success in order to preserve my brand and those I represent."

"What I say and what I do on social media has a direct impact on my music sales and the viewership on my television shows," the hip-hop star continued. "Just because I am sensitive to the needs of maintaining my brand does not mean that I am hiding assets or that I have lied on my filings in this Bankruptcy Case, neither of which is true."

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy after he lost in a multi-million lawsuit over a failed headphone deal and in another legal dispute with a woman who sued him for posting her sex tape online without her permission.

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