'Zorro' Reboot Hires 'Gravity' Scribe as Director and Writer

Jonas Cuaron, the son of filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron, will direct from his own script about a futuristic version of the Spanish outlaw.

AceShowbiz - The new "Zorro" reboot just took a huge leap forward by hiring Jonas Cuaron at the helm and at the writing room. On paper, Cuaron is known as the co-writer of %cSandra Bullock%-starring space drama "Gravity" as well as the son of filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron.

The remake, titled "Z", reimagines the masked vigilante as a futuristic hero. The character, created by Johnston McCulley in 1919, will take on tyrants in a world set in the near future. No other details about the plot were released.

Lantica Media and Sobini Films are teaming up for the film, planning to begin principal photography in March 2016. Sobini's CEO Mark Amin was particularly attracted to Cuaron after watching his directing debut "Desierto". He said, "When I saw 'Desierto', I was impressed with Jonas's command of action and suspense, his great visual eye, and the strong performances he elicited from his actors."

Amin said in August last year that this project had been "a fifteen-year journey filled with ups and downs but it has remained my passion project over the years." Lantica Media CEO Antonio Gennari added, "Every generation has its own Zorro hero and we're proud to be able to introduce a new Zorro to this generation."

Back in 2012, it was reported that "Desierto" star %cGael Garcia Bernal% was cast as the masked vigilante but there was no official confirmation from the studios.

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