'MasterChef Junior' Crowns Its Youngest and First Female Winner in Season 4 Finale

It's between Addison Osta Smith and Avery Kyle, who are both nine years old, in the three-course showdown for the grand prize and the MasterChef Junior title.

AceShowbiz - It's a battle of the girls and the nine-year-olds, as Addison Osta Smith highlighted at the beginning of "MasterChef Junior" season 4 finale that aired on Friday, January 29. Addison was battling it out against Avery Kyle to become the first female winner ever on the show.

The two girls' final challenge was to serve three-course best menu. Addison, from River Forest, Ill., cooked sake marinated shrimp with seaweed and sea bean salad, sour plums and puffed rice for the appetizer, while Avery from Baton Rouge, La. served cream of asparagus soup with smoked oysters, creme fraiche and creole crouton. The judges, including Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi, liked the balance of Addison's dish. Avery's oyster was slightly overcooked, but aside from that the judges found the dish great.

Next, Addison served miso black cod with bok choy, shiitake mushrooms and coconut ginger broth, while Avery cooked seafood etouffee with crispy okra and white rice. Graham said Addy's dish was "so tasty," while Christina thought it was too salty. Avery's lobster was perfectly cooked too, but Christina, paying too much attention on aesthetics, said she wished Avery had done just a little more.

For the dessert, Addison made green tea panna cotta with cookie crumbles and bruleed plums. She lost some time when she cut her finger and got checked by a medic, but she managed to finish it in time. The judges were divided when commenting Addison's panna cotta with Gordon saying that the cookie dried out the dessert. Avery's strawberry shortcake with rhubarb and orange chantilly cream, meanwhile, was praised by Gordon and Graham who loved the classic and simple idea.

After some deliberation, the judges announced Addison as the winner based on the overall menu. She took home the trophy and a $100,000 check. "The feeling is nothing you could ever imagine," Addison said of her win. "Avery did an amazing job and I really think that either one of us would have deserved it today. She should be really proud of herself as well."

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