Petition Launched to Remove Adam Lambert From Countdown Concert in Singapore

More than 16,000 petitioners have rallied to prevent the 'Ghost Town' singer from headlining a New Year's Eve concert in Marina Bay, Singapore.

AceShowbiz - A petition has been launched online to remove Adam Lambert from headlining a New Year's Eve concert in Marina Bay, Singapore. More than 16,000 people signed the petition posted on ipetitions along with headline, "Petition against Adam Lambert performing in Countdown 2016."

The petition reads, "Countdown 2016 is our annual iconic, public event for Singaporeans to come together to celebrate New Year's Eve, as one. Allowing Adam Lambert to perform as the star of Countdown 2016 shows disregard for the values of a majority of family-centric Singaporeans who have consistently resisted the promotion of western liberal ideas about family values and societal models."

"As parents and influencers of our young, we ask that extreme caution be exercised in selecting performers for the event," the petition continues, "Adam Lambert is an inappropriate choice and reflects a lack of judgment that could turn an otherwise dignified family-friendly event into a situation that is offensive and potentially divisive."

The petition points out some "inappropriate acts" done by Adam during previous shows. "During the live American Music Awards 2009, Lambert engaged in sexualized acts, including kissing a male band member, on stage. Given Lambert's unpredictability, and out of concern that he would repeat his offensive acts, 'Good Morning America' of the ABC News Network cancelled his scheduled performance," the petition reads, "His most recent music video 'Another Lonely Night' from his album 'The Original High' features female showgirls and male strippers performing acts of indecency."

MediaCorp has not dropped Adam, but it promises that the show "will be suitable for family audiences and conform with broadcast regulations." Adam says in a statement that his performance would "celebrate the entire human family in all its diversity" and that he was "a uniter, not a divider."

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