Chris Hemsworth Could Be Allan Quartermain in New Franchise

Sony is interested in developing a movie franchise based on the famed British adventurer in H. Rider Haggard's novels.

AceShowbiz - Chris Hemsworth is rising fast to be one of the most coveted leading men in Hollywood. The Australian actor reportedly will carry a new franchise which has him starring as classic literary adventurer Allan Quartermain.

Sources told that the "Thor" and "In the Heart of the Sea" star is circling the project from relatively new writer Barnett Brettler. CAA is planning to adapt the story about the protagonist in H. Rider Haggard's novels as a franchise, and is looking for an A-list actor. Hemsworth came on top of their list and Sony is leaning towards developing it for big screen.

Quartermain first appeared in 1885 novel "King Solomon's Mines" and later popped up in its numerous sequels. He is an English-born professional big game hunter and occasional trader in southern Africa, who supports colonial efforts to spread civilization in the Dark Continent and despises the weather in Europe. He often goes on an adventure to discover ancient treasures and civilizations, often times during the dark.

Plot details of the movie is yet known. The character had appeared in a number of Hollywood movies, being played by Richard Chamberlain, Sean Connery and Patrick Swayze among others. With Hemsworth as focal point, the franchise is aiming for younger version of Quartermain.

There was an attempt to revive the character in a DreamWorks movie with Sam Worthington attached to star but the project had laid dormant for several years now.

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