Giuliana Rancic Criticizes New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

The 'Fashion Police' co-host blasts American Cancer Society for recommending women to get their first breast exam at age 45.

AceShowbiz - Giuliana Rancic slams American Cancer Society for suggesting women to get breast exam "later" rather than sooner. The organization previously recommended females to get their first mammograms at 40, but now they suggest women get their first exams at age 45.

"This breaking news headline on CNN is making my head spin," the E! star wrote on Instagram. "American Cancer Society is now recommending women get their first mammogram at 45 instead of 40. Wow. If I had taken that advice, I wouldn't have found my breast cancer at 36 and instead have found it NINE years later. Who knows how much my cancer would have progressed by then???"

The cancer survivor went on, "How can this be the recommendation when EARLY detection has an almost 100|percent| five-year survival rate? Their argument is that less women will get false positives and be spared unnecessary testing. In my opinion, I would gladly take those tests over living with undetected breast cancer any day."

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