Justin Bieber Shares New Preview for 'Sorry'

The Biebs plays an acoustic version of the song in a short video that also features his collaborators Skrillex and Blood Diamonds.

AceShowbiz - %cJustin Bieber% is only three days away from releasing his "Sorry". To keep the anticipation high, he lets his fans hear another snippet in a video he shared online via Instagram on Tuesday, October 20.

The short black-and-white teaser sees Bieber sitting between %cSkrillex% and %cBlood Diamonds% who collaborated with him on the track. The 21-year-old heartthrob, donning a white T-shirt teamed with black hoodie and hat, sings some lines over the acoustic guitar played by Skrillex.

"Who's ready for sorry I know I Am," Bieber captioned the clip. He added some plane emojis, tagged his collaborators and added the hashtag "#3days."

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"Sorry" will be the second song to come preceeding Bieber's new album "Purpose" that's due out on November 13. Previously on Monday, the singer previewed the track in a Michelle Obama-starring video made and shared on Twitter by Vine and TV star %cKing Bach%. A portion of the tune is played in the background as Bach apologizes for showing up late and underdressed in front of the FLOTUS at a White House event.

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