Ridley Scott Reveals 'Prometheus' Sequel Title

The director announced that the second installment of the sci-fi movie franchise would be called 'Alien: Paradise Lost'.

AceShowbiz - Ridley Scott recently hinted that "Prometheus" might get more than one sequels, but the title for the second installment had not been unveiled. Speaking to HeyUGuys while promoting his upcoming film "The Martian", Scott announced that the follow-up to the sci-fi movie would be called "Alien: Paradise Lost".

"Well, actually, really it's going to be called 'Alien: Paradise Lost'. So 'Prometheus 2' is not really going to be. It's going to be 'Alien: Paradise Lost' now," Scott revealed. The director said that "Paradise Lost" was actually the title of English poet John Milton's famous work about the fall of man. "You know the poem? I'm sure you've never been through it, the poem's a book, 'Paradise Lost'. It sounds intellectual but there's a similarity to it. That's where it stops," Scott said.

Besides, the word "Paradise" is presumably a reference to a specific scene in "Prometheus" itself, in which Elizabeth Shaw's father told her where dead people go. Some speculated that "Paradise" was the new planet to be featured in the upcoming movie, which would be the home of the engineers of the first film.

Michael Fassbender will reprise his role as David. Scott will also produce alongside Walter Hill. With the script penned by Michael Green, "Alien: Paradise Lost" is expected to hit U.S. theaters in 2017.

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