Fan Theory Suggests That the Joker Was Hero of 'The Dark Knight'

A Reddit user had an interesting theory about the main antagonist in the superhero movie, saying that he was actually the hero who saved Gotham city from crimes and chaos.

AceShowbiz - It seems like movie addicts are obsessed with turning villains into heroes and vice versa. Recently, a fan suggested that Daniel LaRusso was actually the villain in "The Karate Kid", and a fan-made trailer turned Harry Potter into the villain of the wizardry franchise. Following those ideas, a new fan theory proposed that the Joker in "The Dark Knight" was actually a hero for Gotham City instead of Batman.

A Reddit user explained his theory along with some evidence. He thought that the Joker was the one responsible for saving the city from many of dirty actions such as corruption, although it was done through unlikely ways.

"Joker, although a lying psychopath, is actually the hero in 'The Dark Knight'. Before the Joker, Gotham was a mess. Entire sections of the city were closed off due to madness, organized crime ran rampant, and the majority of important city officials were wildly corrupt. The city even tolerated a renegade vigilante who ran around wearing a rubber suit (Okay, special armor and carbon fiber, but they don't know that)," read the post.

The dude said that the Joker's appearance had cleaned up crimes from the city and gave justice to the citizens. "Along comes the Joker and by the end of a very short time, almost all organized crime was eliminated, many corrupt officials were imprisoned or dead, and the city's Vigilante even went into hiding for 8 years. This was all part of Joker's masterfully executed plan," he added.

The theory maker wrote his idea in a 829-word piece and in the end, it was mentioned that Batman was "a true villain, the kind that abandons his own principles" when he killed Harvey Dent. This isn't the first fan theory about this subject, and it surely won't be the last. Back in November, another Reddit user suggested that it was Bane who helped save Gotham from terror attacks, not Batman.

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