Adam Rodriguez Denies Flirting With Jenna Dewan

The 'Magic Mike XXL' star was previously rumored to have a crush on his co-star Channing Tatum's wife.

AceShowbiz - Despite circulating reports, Channing Tatum's wife Jenna Dewan is not flirting with his "Magic Mike XXL" co-star Adam Rodriguez. Star Magazine previously reported that Adam was "crushing hard" on Jenna.

An alleged source told the tabloid, "Channing asked Jenna to help with the sexy choreography. Adam is a natural flirt, and so is Jenna, but his infatuation has only gotten worse over time. Jenna would never cheat, and Channing doesn't doubt her loyalty, but he gets superjealous when another guy flirts with his wife right in front of his face."

The outlet claimed Channing caught Adam "checking out his wife" while they were on a promotional tour for "Magic Mike XXL".

Another source told National Enquirer that Channing was "furious" because Adam got "way too close" with Jenna during the promotional tour. "Adam can't help himself - Jenna is just his type!" said the insider.

The site called Adam "horndog" and further claimed that he also flirted with Amber Heard, but his love scope was set on Jenna. "Channing's really got it in for Adam now," the insider added, "He wants him to stay away from them both."

A representative for Adam later denied the rumors, telling Gossip Cop that the story about him "crushing" on Jenna is "totally ridiculous."

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