Kelly Ripa Reacts to Justin Bieber's 'Big Crush' Instagram Shoutout: 'This Is a Cry for Help'

Responding to Justin's Instagram post in which he confessed to having a big crush on her, Kelly said in Wednesday episode of 'Live! With Kelly and Michael' that she believed 'this is a cry for help.'

AceShowbiz - %cKelly Ripa% jokingly responded to %cJustin Bieber%'s recent Instagram post in which he said that he had a big crush on her. Discussing the topic during the Wednesday, July 15 episode of "Live! With Kelly and Michael", she joked that the message was meant to ask for help.

"I believe in Justin. I love you. You know I've taken my daughter [Lola] to 400 Justin Bieber concerts," Kelly joked after her co-host %cMichael Strahan% showed her a printed version of the posting. "I do believe this a cry for help. I'm worried."

"Justin, If you need me, I am here and you call me ... we will work it out," Ripa hilariously added. She then stood up and said, "You can see all this in person," while pointing to her body.

Kelly believed that the snap featured in Justin's Instagram post was taken during a Hampton magazine photo shoot. "I think so because I'm wearing obviously a bikini and that's not something I do... not in public anyway," she explained.

When being asked how her husband reacted after learning of the post, Kelly said, "Mark literally said, 'Where did they find that picture?' " She also thanked Justin for giving her "tremendous street cred with my daughter."

Justin shared the post, which featured a sexy black-and-white picture of Kelly wearing lacy lingerie, on Tuesday, July 14. He captioned it, "Wow, Kelly makes me feel some type of way. No disrespect - I know she's married!#bigcrush."

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