Nick Gordon Desperate to See Bobbi Kristina, the Brown Family Banned From Her Room

Bobbi's boyfriend, who remains under police investigation regarding her hospitalization, is reportedly 'constantly trying to find a way' to see her 'before she dies.'

AceShowbiz - Nick Gordon, who remains under police investigation regarding Bobbi Kristina Brown hospitalization, is reportedly desperate to see her at the hospice care. "Nick's main concern seems to be seeing Bobbi before she dies," an insider tells Us Weekly, "He's constantly trying to find a way to make that happen."

According to the insider, Nick, who is being sued by Bobbi's conservator for domestic abuse allegations, claims that the circumstances which led to Bobbi's hospitalization were accidental. "Nick is excited for the trial in the civil case to start because he can finally tell his side of the story," the insider adds.

"Nick is very concerned with how he is being portrayed in the media and reads everything about himself on every website and magazine," the insider explains, "He's been going through intense mood swings, going from being on top of the world to crying hysterically for long periods."

Previously in an alleged transcript of a telephone call with a Brown family member, Nick said it was drugs which hurt Bobbi, not him. "I'll tell you the honest truth, Krissy, she was under a lot of stress and we were all doing drugs and you know, all, all drinking, bro," he said, "She just did too much man. She, listen, listen bro. I will officially stay from bath tubs forever, I'll tell you that."

In other news, Bobby Brown's family has been banned from seeing Bobbi following the leak of her deathbed picture. Sources tell TMZ that security guards at the Peachtree Christian Hospice told Whitney Houston's family that it was one of the Brown family members who took the picture of Bobbi from her room. Bobbi's estate then decided to ban the Browns. They allegedly already knew who the culprit was.

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