Paul McCartney Gives Up Weed to Set Example for Grandchildren

Paul McCartney Gives Up Weed to Set Example for Grandchildren

Macca says he has been living the marijuana-free life since 'a long time ago' to become a better role model for his grandchildren.
Paul McCartney ditches pot after smoking for years during The Beatles heydays. "I don't do it any more," the music icon opens up to the Daily Mirror. "Why? The truth is I don't really want to set an example to my kids and grandkids. It's now a parent thing."

"Back then I was just some guy around London having a ball, and the kids were little so I'd just try and keep it out of their faces," the father of five adds. "Instead of smoking a spliff, I'll now have a glass of red wine or a nice margarita. The last time I smoked was a long time ago."

The now 72-yer-old rock star says, "I feel pretty fit." Of his health regime, he says, "I do a bit of the cross-trainer, a bit of running, a bit of cardio and then I do some weights, some abs on the Swiss ball, before ending up on the mat doing a few stretches. And then standing on my head."

"What's cool about it is that I'll be in the gym with all these guys doing really big weights, whilst I'm there doing not big weights, and afterwards, when I've done my headstand for about five minutes, these big guys will come up to me and say, 'That was pretty impressive, man!"

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