Amanda Seyfried Reveals Her Anxiety Issues and How She Gets Close to Justin Long

'There's a layer of insecurity that this brings out, of course, but I am trying to throw it away,' Amanda shared with Vogue about her anxiety over her career.

AceShowbiz - Amanda Seyfried covers the June issue of Vogue. In an interview with the magazine, Amanda opened up about her struggle against anxiety in addition to talking about her boyfriend Justin Long and her career.

The "Red Riding Hood" actress said that she sought counseling after getting drunk before her appearance on David Letterman's show in 2012. She admitted that she had some shots of whisky to calm her nerves as she suffered from anxiety.

The interview with Letterman was supposed to promote her latest movie at that time, Les Miserables. However, it became an awkward moment for her instead. "It made it fun for me, but then I watched it and was like 'That is not what I want to promote about myself,' " she said.

Amanda shared with the magazine that career was among things which stimulated her anxiety. "There's a layer of insecurity that this brings out, of course, but I am trying to throw it away. Although I can't, really, because insecurity, a little bit of it, is always important for any actor," she said.

She also explained her worry about her golden-brown Australian Shepherd dog, Finn, because of her busy schedule. "I just don't want to leave him anymore. Maybe it's because I'm subconsciously aware of his mortality," the 29-year-old actress told the magazine. "I try not to think about it, but somewhere inside of me, I'm like, he's going to die way sooner than all the rest of the people I know!"

The magazine also created a short clip of Amanda with her lovely dog which was then posted on Instagram. "It's official: @mingey's dog Finn is the ultimate best friend. Watch the full video of their antics together on #VogueOriginalShort directed by @stevenbrahms," the magazine wrote in the caption.

The "Mean Girls" actress posted on her Instagram account a picture of Finn posing as if he's reading Vogue's June issue. She wrote in the caption, "He likes it! @voguemagazine."

He likes it! @voguemagazine

Foto kiriman Amanda Seyfried (@mingey) pada

Amanda also opened up about how she was getting closer to her boyfirend, Justin Long, before they began dating. "I followed him on Instagram, and I thought something he said was really funny. It was a beautiful picture of a snail, and the caption said, 'F**king MOOOOOOOOVE,' " she said. "It made me laugh out loud, so I texted him."

When she was asked where she would want to live, the actress chose Stone Ridge in Upstate New York. "Because I want to have kids. And I want them to go to local schools, and there are some really good schools around here. I would like my life to be the same as it is now, but with a little less stress and a little less work," she explained.

Amanda also said that she became more careful in accepting job offer. She complained about one of the projects she accepted which she didn't name. "They paid me too much money, and what I should have done was walk away. But you know what? I met one of my best friends on that movie. Oh! And I bought a house with the money! But making movies is two solid months of twelve-, fourteen-hour days. I mean, it can ruin your relationship. And if you make too many bad decisions in a row, people don't come knocking anymore," she said.

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