Marilyn Manson Gets Punched, Plans to Sue the Attacker

Marilyn denied that he started the late-night fight at Canadian Denny's during which he got punched in the face last weekend.

AceShowbiz - Marilyn Manson is planning to sue his attacker for punching him in the face at Denny's. The rocker believed he did nothing to start the fight on late Sunday, April 5 which resulted in him getting puched for no reason.

On Sunday at approximately 2 A.M., Marilyn was enjoying a dinner at Denny's in Alberta when two women came to him and asked him for a photo. The musician said that he obliged and never called one of them a "b***h" as claimed by witnesses.

According to Marilyn, an unknown guy burst out from nowhere and then threw a punch in his face. The guy also reportedly threatened to blow up Marilyn's next concert. Security then escorted him out of the place. Marilyn also claimed that the man threw an elbow to his makeup artist in her face.

However, witnesses told a different version of the story. The sources said that Marilyn was engaged in an argument with a group of people at another table. He allegedly called one of the guys' girlfriend a "b***h." The guy got angry and landed a punch in the rocker's face.

Gossip Cop reported that police acknowledged that there was an incident at Denny's on Sunday, but they assured that there was no charge filed.

Before the altercation, Marilyn had a concert at Enmax Centre in Alberta, Canada on Saturday night, April 4. He and his band are now on their "The Hell Not Hallelujah" tour to promote their album "The Pale Emperor", which was released on January 20. The tour features Twiggy on bass, Tyler Bates and Paul Wiley on guitars, and Gil Sharone on drums.

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