Personal Traumatic Experience Helps Charlize Theron Relate to 'Dark Places' Role

Theron admits how her personal traumatic experience as a child enables her to relate to her part of Libby Day in the upcoming drama-thriller flick.

AceShowbiz - Tapped to play Libby Day, a woman who witnessed the brutal murder of her mother and sisters when she was just eight years old, in upcoming film "Dark Places", %cCharlize Theron% said she found the inspiration for the character from her personal traumatic experience. In a new interview with French television network TF1, she opened up about her personal connection to the part.

"I did experience a very traumatic experience, an event, in my life. And somehow it's formed me," admitted the Oscar-winning actress during the interview. "My character goes through this ordeal when she's 8 years old, and it really is examining what trauma does to a child, especially when she's expected to speak about it. And that's definitely something I can relate to, that's definitely something I've experienced in my life. As far as events go, they're very similar. There's a murder [in the film], while my situation was a very unfortunate incident with self-defense."

Back when Theron was 15 years old, her father Charles fired his own gun into her bedroom after a night of drinking and made death threats. Her mother Gerda then shot him to death in self-defense and no charges were filed.

Theron had previously stated in a 2004 interview with ABC News that the incident didn't define her. "I know that if my daughter was in the same situation, I would do the same thing," she said at that time, adding, "It's a part of me, but it doesn't rule my life."

"Dark Places", which also stars the likes of %cChloe Moretz%, %cNicholas Hoult%, and %cChristina Hendricks% among others, is slated to be released sometime this year. The film was premiered in Paris last week.

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