Six Screenplays for 'Twilight' Short Movies Revealed

The winning screenplays for the project called 'The Storytellers: New Voices of Twilight Saga' which have been announced include stories about Alice and Jasper's first meeting.

AceShowbiz - The winning screenplays for the upcoming "Twilight" short movies have been revealed. The chosen works were decided by the book's author Stephenie Meyer, Lionsgate, Women in Film, Facebook and Volvo as a part of the project which is called "The Storytellers: New Voices of Twilight Saga".

Among the six works, three of them focus on Edward's sister Alice, played by %cAshley Greene% in the movies. Titled "The Groundskeeper", one of the works sees events which led Alice to become a vampire. Another work, titled "We've Met Before", centers on Alice's first meeting with Jasper, portrayed by %cJackson Rathbone% in the movies. The other story called "The Mary Alice Brandon File" will feature Alice and her life as a human.

Another story called "Sunrise" will feature Benjamin, one of Carlisle's friends who appeared in "Breaking Dawn". Another one titled "Turncoats" will see Carlisle and Garrett from the Denali coven during the Revolutionary War. The last one is "Consumed" which centers the story of Jane and Alec, Volturi's guards.

The six winners were chosen among 1200 submissions. Following the announcement, the project is now searching for directors. The short films will later be debuted on Facebook. The screenplays are available here.

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