'Hannibal' Thrilling Trailer for Season 3 Offers Forgiveness

Will Graham goes on a hunt for Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the next installment, which takes place several years after the season 2 finale.

AceShowbiz - "Hannibal" is not returning until summer, but a sneak peek at the upcoming season 3 has been obtained via a trailer. The video does not show any bloody scenes or gruesome murders which are often associated with the serial killer, but still gives fans the chills with a hint at a cat-and-mouse plotline.

Will Graham, surviving the deadly showdown in the season 2 finale, is now pursuing Hannibal overseas. The title character appears to be in Florence, Italy. At one point, it seems that the two are in the same dim-lit place where Will says without seeing Hannibal, "Hannibal... I forgive you." Gillian Anderson, who has been upped to series regular for season 3, also makes appearance the video.

"Hannibal" season 3 will jump ahead several years after events in the season 2 finale. The show will introduce Nina Arianda as Will's wife Molly, who is described as "a strong, vibrant thirtysomething who is not only unperturbed by her husband's dark and occasionally tortured past - but has worked to help him overcome it."

According to TVLine, she "understands that Will is a good man, and her love has allowed him to rebuild himself. But when Will is asked to return to the FBI, she also urges him to try and save lives, knowing what risks this entails."

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