Brandi Glanville Throws Wine on Jeff Lewis Over STD Joke on 'Watch What Happens Live'

After pouring her drink on the 'Flipping Out' star during Andy Cohen's show, the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' says on Twitter that the incident was just a joke.

AceShowbiz - Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live" got dramatic on Tuesday night, January 6. Brandi Glanville tossed a glass of wine on fellow guest Jeff Lewis during the show which aired after an episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in which she also poured a drink on co-star Eileen Davidson.

Before the drink flew, Glanville was asked to run her fingers through Lewis' hair to see whether or not he wore a toupee. When the Bravo reality star refused, the "Flipping Out" star quipped, "Could I get an STD from that?" to which Glanville responded, "Yeah. Pretty much. You better check your motherf**king self."

After the commercial break, Glanville decided to address Lewis' joke, "Before we do this, I have something to say to Jeff about the whole, 'Can you get an STD from me putting my hands through his hair?' " While tipping her glass and dumping the content on him, she went on, "As long as you wet it, I think you'll be fine."

Her stunt seemed to come as surprise to everyone since, according to the host, she was chatting with Lewis during the break and everything seemed to be fine. However, Glanville insisted the joke was too close to home for her because she once said in her book that she got an STD from former husband Eddie Cibrian.

She broke down in tears, and Lewis repeatedly apologized. "I'm taking five!" she said at one point. She also snapped at him, "Don't touch me!" to which he mouthed, "I didn't touch her." Meanwhile, Cohen tried to console her, "He didn't realize, Brandi. I think he was just being flip and he was not thinking."

Later after the show, Glanville took it to Twitter to explain the wine-tossing incident. "People @JLJeffLewis & I were joking!We are good friends !I turned around cuz I couldn't stop laughing we wanted to fool Andy! #wefooledandy," she wrote. "It was just jokes for @Andy sake although @JLJeffLewis might have deserved it !#heartu #1st2foolAndy." She then uploaded a picture of her kissing Lewis. "It was a PRANK ! We kissed and hit the town," she captioned.

Neither Lewis nor Cohen has directly commented on the incident or responded to Glanville's messages, but the latter cryptically tweeted, "Live TV is really something...."

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