Sofia Vergara Poses With Joe Manganiello in Thanksgiving Photo

Vergara, who started dating Manganiello earlier this year, shares photos from her Thanksgiving celebration with friends and family.

AceShowbiz - Sofia Vergara has shared many photos of her celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family. Among the heartwarming shots, there is one photo of her sporting a huge smile as she leans on boyfriend Joe Manganiello. Wearing a chic black patterned top and skirt, Vergara applied some make-up for the festivity.

The "Modern Family" actress also poses with some desserts such as chocolate-frosted cake, pies and cheesecake at the kitchen counter and shares some other photos of her posing with family members. Her niece Claudia is also captured in one of the photos posing with the "Magic Mike" star. Vergara additionally uploaded two blurry photos from her family's dancing sessions.

My favoriteeee

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And it always ends the same way!!

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Vergara has been dating the "True Blood" hunk since earlier this year. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month, Vergara said at first she wasn't sure if her feeling to him was mutual. "I had just seen him far away at events and I thought he was very handsome and I didn't know he was interested," she said.

She also talked about attending the Pittsburgh Steelers games because her beau's a big fan. "He's a very hard-core Steelers fan, so when the games come on, he makes me watch them and I can't watch [the New York Giants]," she lamented.

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