'Project Runway' Season 13 Winner Announced

With only a day and a half left, the four finalists have to rework their final collections before being presented at New York Fashion Week.

AceShowbiz - It's the deciding moment for the remaining four designers on "Project Runway" season 13 finale (part 2), which aired on Thursday, October 23. At the beginning of the 90-minute finale, Sean Kelly, Amanda Valentine, Charketa Glover and Kini Donovan Zamora were given $300 each to spend at Mood to rework their collections following reviews from the judges.

They only had a day and a half to do this. During the short time left, Char added a long, sporty dress with a hood, a sweatshirt that said "FLY", and a full skirt with a printed top to her collection, but mentor Tim Gunn thought it wouldn't work.

Kini, on the other hand, got his confidence back and knew what to focus on with his collection. Sean ditched a fringe dress and opted for an orange silk drape dress instead, as Amanda worried about Sean being her biggest competition.

On the D-day, the designers woke up at 3:30 A.M. and headed to Lincoln Center and the Mercedes Benz tent. On the backstage, the situation was frenetic, but the show went on anyway.

Amanda's collection featured leather and ethnic prints with cutouts and color-blocking. It was criticized for its "weird proportions." The theme of Char's collection was "free to be who you are," but this made her designs lack cohesiveness.

Kini presented high-class, structured denim and was praised for turning his collection around in such short time following the judges' criticisms. Sean's "Betrayal of Caesar" collection was said to have the "freshest perspective." He used black, white and orange which transitioned perfectly between each look.

After some deliberation, the judges announced Sean as the winner. Emmy Rossum was a guest judge in the finale.

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