Blake Lively Debuts New Lifestyle Website 'Preserve', Says She Is 'Intimidated'

Blake Lively

The 'Gossip Girl' alum finally launched her new lifestyle site, telling the readers that she's 'intimidated' because she's actually 'no editor, no artisan, no expert.'
Blake Lively debuted her new lifestyle website "Preserve" on July 21. The "Green Lantern" actress admitted that she was "intimidated" because actually she was neither an editor nor artisan nor expert of this endeavor.

The "Gossip Girl" alum wrote an editor letter to the readers on her website, "Sitting down to write this editor's letter has been the hardest thing I've done yet on my Preserve journey. I'm more intimidated than I should probably admit. I'm no editor, no artisan, no expert. And certainly no arbiter of what you should buy, wear, or eat."

Blake continued, "I am hungry, though... not just for enchiladas. I'm hungry for experience. I'm comfortable with the knowledge that I'm not a teacher, but rather, a student. I don't do any one thing perfectly. I do a lot of things though. Some well, some not-so-well."

The wife of Ryan Reynolds said that the idea behind her website came from the thought that, "Everyone has a story to tell." She explained, "Here at Preserve there are people, stories, essays, videos and goods which hopefully inspire your home, your style and your tongue. There's expensive stuff. Inexpensive stuff. And everything in between. But their value, is up to you. We may romanticize it, calling it treasure. What we're really saying is, we see worth on every level."

She said that the function of the website was "part magazine, part e-commerce hub, part philanthropic endeavor and above all, a place to showcase the power of imagination, ingenuity, quality, and above all, people."

Blake shared that she did not look "Preserve" as a lifestyle website but as "a new street." The 26-year-old actress added, "A sort of greatest hits of 'Main Street, USA'. While the whole world races to keep up with technology, we tighten our laces, join the race, but our end goal is to preserve what's already there."

Blake said that the website "isn't me" but "a handful of the most dedicated, soulful, wise, patient people I've ever had the honor of working alongside."

Although she launched a similar site like Gwyneth Paltrow's, Blake would not fight against her. The actress of "The Age of Adaline" previously told Vogue magazine, "I'm always the first person to defend Gwyneth Paltrow. Or any woman in a position of power, like Martha Stewart or Oprah [Winfrey], who gets burned. Because they have paved the path for so many other women who are doing something they believe in."

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