Video: Dave Franco, Conan O'Brien Join Dating App Tinder and Meet Match Offline

Video: Dave Franco, Conan O'Brien Join Dating App Tinder and Meet Match Offline

The celebrities use the mobile dating app to find 'that special someone' who's going to change their lives 'for a period of 20 minutes.'
In a new "CONAN" segment, Conan O'Brien showcases his adventure trying out Tinder, the dating app that helps strangers connect using geological information and a series of user-set criteria. He is joined by Dave Franco in his search to find the perfect mach.

"For months now I've been listening to all the young people in my office talk about Tinder, a social networking site where you can find people in your area you've never met. They're in your vicinity and they're ready to meet and maybe hook up," Conan says, "Naturally, because I'm a creep, I'm intrigued to find out about this."

Conan doesn't want to do it alone, so he gets the help of "a young, hot Hollywood stud," Dave. "I'm a little nervous. It's gonna get weird," the younger brother of James Franco says.

Together, they start out by creating fake profiles with real pictures. Conan goes as Chip Whitley. The 51-year-old writes on his About Me section, "I am 42 years old and people tell me i look like Conan O'brien." Dave uses the pseudonym Genghis Roundstone and writes about himself, "I enjoy wearing Crocs for their style over their comfort. I hear I'm a poor man's Dave Franco. P.S. duck Dave Franco!"

Within minutes, pictures of local ladies are being sent through to the celebrities' phones. The duo select their favorites. Conan goes very picky at first. His first "yes" is to a woman named Liza. "That's my wife's name. I think that's sweet to say yes to your wife's name!" he says. "I'm going to find that special someone who's going to change my life for a period of like 20 minutes," Conan answers when Dave asks what he's looking for.

After some time, Dave's got nine matches from the app while Conan's only got one. Conan's match, 74-year-old Gloria, also matches with Dave. She quickly loses interest in one of them. Taking things one step further, the celeb duo then decide to meet one of their Tinder matches in person. They go out on the road in a van they nickname "Brown Lightning".

"What's wrong with me?" Conan asks upon arriving at the home of their Tinder match, Courtney. "You're tall and goofy," one of Courtney's brothers replies.

"This is what the internet can do," Conan concludes at the end of the video, "It can bring a bunch of people who were strangers just an hour ago together in the night outside a really creepy van, where they hold themselves a little too long, and then probably never see each other again."

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