'The Bachelorette': Andi and Final Four Guys Learn of Eric Hill's Death After Hometown Dates

'The Bachelorette': Andi and Final Four Guys Learn of Eric Hill's Death After Hometown Dates

Andi Dorfman is sobbing after host Chris Harrison delivers the sad news that Eric died following a paragliding accident, before she gets to send home another guy.
Andi Dorfman got to know her potential future in-laws in the latest episode of "The Bachelorette". After a series of dates in Europe, the former assistant district attorney returned to the U.S. for hometown dates with Josh M., Nick V., Chris S. and Marcus.

Andi first visited Nick V. in Milwaukee, where they had a tour of a brewery that had a beer called "Nick & Andi" on tap. She then met his big family which consisted of his mother Mary, his father Chris and all Nick's siblings.

Nick told one of his sisters, Maria, that he's in love with Andi while Nick's younger sister Bella asked Andi a bunch of questions. Nick confessed to his mother that he felt like Andi's "a half of me that's been missing." Andi and Nick kissed before they parted ways.

Andi next met farmer Chris in Arlington, Iowa. He took her for a ride on his big green tractor. She wondered what she would do if she lived in the small town, and Chris suggested, "Well, there's an opportunity to be a homemaker. Why couldn't you be a D.A. here?" Andi was open to the idea and Chris surprised her with an airplane banner which read, "Chris Loves Andi." Andi said, "That's the cutest thing anyone's ever done," and they kissed.

When meeting his family, Chris' mom expressed her concern whether Andi could live in Iowa. Chris told his mom, "I could see her as somebody I could spend the rest of my life with," and his mom hoped "it works out" for him.

Chris' mom told Andi she could have a career in Iowa if she wanted one and Andi told her that she's ready to start a family. Mom finally said Andi and Chris "are a match made in heaven."

Andi's next stop was Josh's hometown of Tampa. They first went to a baseball field, where he explained why he gave up baseball and how his family had been helping his brother Aaron to get an NFL contract.

When they met his family, the talk was mostly about Aaron and football. Josh's younger sister Stephanie warned Andi that the family's obsession with football might cause a few fights in the future and Andi began to worry about it. They ended the date playing tag football on the lawn.

Andi later met Marcus in Dallas. Marcus said he was ready to go down on one knee for Andi a week ago, while Andi wanted to figure out, "Can I catch up to those feelings?" They reenacted their first date and she said, "He's one of the hottest guys I've ever dated."

During the family meeting, Marcus' sister said he's "glowing." "It's honestly real," said Marcus. "I hope she's falling in love with me." He told his mom, "I feel very happy, complete when I'm with her... I feel like Andi and I met for a reason," and she said she "trusts" his judgment.

Andi said, "Life with Marcus would be a fairy tale," and, "This is somebody who's attractive, charming ... and who would adore me and give me the world."

Before Andi made her decision, she and the four guys met at Chris Harrison's house. The host told them that Eric Hill died in a paragliding accident. Andi started crying and Marcus went outside. Andi followed him, consoling each other before they joined the others. The crew members put down the cameras and they hugged each other.

Andi once again went emotional as she's about to send home another guy. "There's a part of me that doesn't even know how to comprehend what's happening," she said while weeping. She gave the roses to Josh, Chris and Nick. Marcus was eliminated and told her before he left, "I wanted to be that guy for you. I don't know what to do ... you were everything. I saw a future with you - and that's the hardest thing - letting go of that." He later said in the car, "I feel like an idiot. ... I feel like I've been punched in the stomach, over and over."

Next week, Andi and the final three guys will go to the Dominican Republic for overnight dates.

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