Johnny Depp Gets Special Honor at 2014 Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards

Johnny Depp

Although his movie 'Lone Ranger' fails to pick up any prize, the actor takes home the first-time Distinguished Artisan Award.
Johnny Depp was a special honoree at the 11th annual Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards. "The Lone Ranger" star receives first-time Distinguished Artisan Award during the ceremony at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday, February 15 in Los Angeles.

"This is a great honor, but glancing up at the screen I realize what a ridiculous thing I've done," he poked fun at himself when delivering his acceptance speech. "I mean seriously, why do they still give me jobs? I've done a lot of things...I should probably apologize for a few, but I won't."

He said he fell in love with makeup after being signed on for Wes Craven's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" when he was still a struggling musician. "He [Craven], who really took a chance on me, hooked me up with a guy named Dave Miller to take a mold of my face," he recalled.

"I found, oddly enough, that I liked being encased in all that stuff," he added. "I like being isolated to that degree. So the idea of being shocked beyond recognition, it's kind of what I want. It's what I strive for. I think trying something different each time as an actor, with the luxury [of having] amazing makeup artists has made my, whatever you call it, career."

Depp's movie "Lone Ranger" got two nominations at the awards show this year. It was vying for Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling and Best Period and/or Character Make-Up, but missed out both. The former went to "American Hustle", and the latter was awarded to "Dallas Buyers Club".

The other winners in feature film category were "Lee Daniels' The Butler", "Prisoners", and "Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa". The TV winners, meanwhile, included "Breaking Bad", "The Walking Dead", and "Vikings". As for TV movie category, it was dominated by "Behind the Candelabra".

Aside from Depp, another special honoree that night was Dick Smith. The make-up artist who won an Honorary Academy Award in 2012 and an Oscar for "Amadeus" was presented the Makeup Artists Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Best Contemporary Hair Styling: "The Voice" - Shawn Finch & Jerilynn Stephen
  • Best Contemporary Make-Up: "Breaking Bad" - Tarra Day & Steve La Porte
  • Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling: "Vikings" - Dee Corcoran
  • Best Period and/or Character Make-Up: "Boardwalk Empire" - Michele Paris
  • Best Special Make-Up Effects: "The Walking Dead" - Greg Nicotero & Jake Garber
  • Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling: "Behind the Candelabra" - Marie Larkin & Yvette Stone
  • Best Period and/or Character Make-Up: "Behind the Candelabra" - Kate Biscoe, Deborah Rutherford, & Hiroshi Yada
  • Winner: "Magic Flute" - Darren Jinks, Samantha Wootten, & Brandi Strona
  • Best Contemporary Make-up: "Wash the Day Away (Delta)" - Tyson Fountaine & Brian Penikas

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