'The Bachelor': Kylie Lewis Blames Producers for Her Elimination

Kylie says producers told her to do things that left her being sent packing in the season premiere, while another contestant Lauren Higginson claims the show's producers made her look like an idiot.

AceShowbiz - Kylie Lewis, one of the nine ladies sent home in the season 18 premiere of "The Bachelor", blames the show's producers for her rejection. Speaking to TMZ, the 23-year-old claims she was forced to do things that landed her on the chopping block.

Kylie says producers told her to dye her hair from strawberry blonde to red and advised her to wear a pink dress instead of purple in the first episode. She additionally says that she had drawn a picture of Juan Pablo Galavis to make a memorable first impression, but producers told her to tweet the bachelor, "OMG I JUST MET @JuanPaGalavis!!!" instead, making her appear rather desperate.

To make things worse, Kylie feels humiliated as producers decided to broadcast her embarrassing rejection. In the January 6 episode, when Juan Pablo handed out the roses, Kylie thought she was called while he actually called another contestant, Kat Hurd, so Kylie walked up to get the flower. She was surprised that producers did not edit it out.

Another rejected lady, Lauren Higginson, is not happy about the way she was portrayed on the show. The mineral coordinator, who cried a lot during the cocktail reception, says producers edited her conversation with Juan Pablo and it made her look like an idiot. "I knew they would use that little meltdown," she tells E! News. "There have been a lot of people who have been really nice and felt sorry for me and I hate that because I don't want that, but it's one of those deals that I was very dramatic, so what can you do?"

Explaining her meltdown, she shares, "There were tears, those were real. The words that came out of my mouth were real, but in terms of the order or the context absolutely not. But most importantly I'm sitting there crying like, 'I have really good energy,' and I'm looking at that going, 'Good lord, I really do have good energy. Lock it up woman!' "

According to Lauren, producers turned the moment into something which looked less positive. "The talk with [Juan Pablo] I actually had to leave the room, because it was painful. First off, [producers] took out all [Juan Pablo's] dialog, seriously I did have an actual conversation [with Juan Pablo] so it just had me talking. So of course I looked like an idiot," she says. "The dramatic part I was ready for-I did that-but I did not like looking ignorant. So that bugged me more than anything. I can have a conversation, good lord!"

She goes on claiming that producers told her to talk about her failed engagement with Juan Pablo. Despite being dumped early on the show, she says, "Honestly, there are no hard feelings towards him, it was a stretch to begin with, but he was very kind. Maybe he just needs to know that I'm OK and I wasn't crying for him, so don't feel bad."

Juan Pablo, meanwhile, has explained his decision to give the first impression rose to Sharleen Joynt, who wasn't really feeling it with him. "I decided to give Sharleen that first impression rose. I had no idea that Sharleen had some doubts about the rose and the whole experience, but I absolutely do not regret giving her that rose because I really want to spend more time with her -- plus I can't wait to hear her sing," he wrote in his PEOPLE blog.

Sharleen and 17 other ladies remain on the show after Juan Pablo eliminated 9 girls on the first night.

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