Shia LaBeouf Punched and Kicked in London

Shia LaBeouf

The actor was attacked by a bystander after he wouldn't stop filming a woman throwing up on the street.
For reportedly refusing to stop filming a woman who was throwing up on Leicester Square, "Transformers" star Shia LaBeouf was punched in the face and kicked in the groin by a local bystander. The 27-year-old actor managed to leave the scene after security guards from a nearby club halted the attacker.

LaBeouf was in London filming the World War II thriller "Fury (2014)" with co-star Brad Pitt and was out with a pal when he passed by two women, sisters Ash and Isis Nawaz, one of whom was throwing up on the street supposedly from a night of drinking. As he tried to capture the incident with his camera phone, the two, not recognizing the guy was a famous Hollywood celebrity, asked him to leave them alone, but LaBeouf ignored the request.

A passerby who saw the commotion, jumped in to help the ladies by accosting LaBeouf who then turned the camera on the unidentified man. This got him a punch to the face and a kick in the crotch, but thankfully nothing more as a small crowd of onlookers had already formed attracting the attention of bouncers who broke up the scene, allowing LaBeouf and his friend to run along.

This is the second time he got himself in an altercation in London, the first one being in a bar last year after one of the customers tried to take his cap. For this recent scuffle, it would have helped if he had been recognized right away, as one of the ladies declared that if only she had known it was the "Nymphomaniac" star who had been filming her, she would have allowed it since she had "a massive crush on him." She "only realized it was Shia after he'd been beaten up."

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